Reputable Teaching 

We pride ourselves in taking a pragmatic approach to learning. Rather than a merely theory-based approach, lecturers use current affairs, local events and a hands-on approach to allow students to see the teachings in the classroom come to life in the surrounding local environment. This is done through activities such as our campus guest speaker series, business visits to high-profile companies, conferences and expositions, cultural and artistic events, internship placements and one-on-coaching. We place great emphasis on group work for assignments to encourage teamwork and improve communication skills with the goal of always increasing employability.


Focus on students

We pride ourselves in our relatively small city campuses.  Our smaller class sizes encourage students to contribute to discussions and think critically on a wide range of topics.  All classes are research-focused, drawing upon books and journals, and attendance is compulsory. Students are expected to carry out independent study between classes too, which ensures they are getting the most out of their time here. We also give a lot of credence to the importance of the student voice in informing what we do.

Here, our lecturers and programme coordinators work closely with researchers and faculty members at Lancaster University UK to ensure the latest educational research is being incorporated into our world-renowned teaching methods.