Alfred Ras Tei, ’20


My Lancaster experience has been very monumental towards my academic life as a whole. I studied Economics & International Relations, and the modules that came along with this course were a perfect blend of micro and macroeconomics as well as modules that catered for African and International policy. These modules made me abreast with past and current world issues concerning, politics, economic policy and the theories of international relations. All these modules pushed me as a scholar to research and come up with my own perspectives and solutions to current world issues.

My module leaders were very resourceful and supportive in helping me ascertain whatever ideas and reading/learning materials I required during my time at LUG. My time at Lancaster has taught me that in as much as one fails, it is the recovery from the failure and the vigour and ability to get up and move on that really counts.

Doubling as a student and the Finance Officer of the Lancaster University Ghana Student Council allowed me to learn how to properly manage my time effectively and efficiently. It was pivotal for me to do so as I had a duty to my fellow students and myself.


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