Before Arrival


Pre-departure sessions (for those in Nigeria) provides you with the necessary information on travels, immigration checks, cultural differences, food, shopping, studies, university life, etc. Our expert counsellors will be available to make sure you are able to settle down quickly into your studies. We usually hold these sessions in Lagos within the month of September. 


Travelling into Accra, Ghana

You can travel into Ghana either by road or by air. If you arrive by air then you must possess valid passports issued by your home governments, except nationals of any member country of the ECOWAS (who may produce travel certificates in lieu of passports). Ghana requires yellow fever vaccination for all travellers evidenced by a yellow fever certificate.   

We usually hold pre-departure briefing for students to prepare them for what to expect in Ghana. This is also an opportunity to meet current students and also make friends with other new students. 


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