Frequently Asked Questions


Applications and Admissions

I just have my O’ levels, can I join the foundation programme at Lancaster University Ghana?

Ans: To gain admissions into our foundation programme, you need a minimum of a year’s transcript after you are done with your ‘O’ Levels. You also need a minimum grade of C in both mathematics and English language in your ‘O’ Levels

I am 16 years old, can I join?

Ans: The minimum age limit for the foundation programme and undergraduate programme is 17 years and 18 years respectively.

I completed my WAEC about three years ago and I have not taken any academic pursuit, can I join the foundation programme?

Ans: Yes. All you need is a minimum of a grade C in English language, mathematics and 3 other subjects

I completed the WAEC about four years ago and I have been working with my father since then, can I start at the foundation level?

Ans: Yes you can start our foundation programme with your working experience

I passed my WAEC English with a high grade, why do I have to write an English test again?

Ans: You need to take an English proficiency test because it is a requirement for all students who did not write the Cambridge English exams but aspire to study in the UK.  The English proficiency test is designed to show proof of your English language level.

What about if I am on the border line for the English test. Say 5.0?

Ans: The requirement for IELTS is a minimum grade of 5.5 points (with a minimum of 5.0 in the individual band score). Students who do not meet this grade point will have to retake the test.

I started my foundation with another institutions. Can I join Lancaster University Ghana undergraduate year 1?

Ans: Yes. If your foundation grade is a minimum of 50% then you can continue to the undergraduate level.

After my foundation at Lancaster University Ghana, can I transfer to another University?

Ans: Yes. Our foundation programme is an international foundation programme so it will be accepted in another university

Will I get the same qualification if I study at Lancaster University UK?

Ans: : All of the degrees offered at LU Ghana are Lancaster University degrees and, as such, carry the same status as those degrees awarded to students who have studied at the UK campus in Lancaster. However, LU Ghana degrees do not necessarily have the same accreditation by a professional, statutory or regulatory body (PSRB). Visit the course pages to see what accreditation the particular course you are interested in has.  

Can I join in as a matured student?

Ans: Yes. We have no age limit but our minimum age is 17 years and 18 years for the foundation and undergraduate programme respectively

What qualifications will Lancaster University Ghana accept for exemptions?

Ans: If you apply with good grades in your ‘A’ levels, or IB Diploma then there will be an exception. Where ‘A’ levels should be a minimum grade of a CCC and IB a minimum total score of 27.

What is the population of the school?

Ans: We have a total population of over 500 students at the moment and still counting.

What courses do you offer?

Ans: Students will be able to choose from a wide range of undergraduate courses in accounting and finance, marketing, business, economics and international relations, politics with international relations, computer science, law and our highly acclaimed Executive MBA programme.

Can I transfer directly to Lancaster University UK after my foundation here?

Ans: This is possible, but this decision is dependent on a student maintaining a good academic standing, and passing the relevant courses. 

What are the modalities for transfer unto the UK campus?

Ans: The student should have a good pass on all the modules (for law students it should have 80% pass across board)

The student should apply for it

The student will pay the UK tuition fees

The student will apply for a study permit

Note: the university will support the student with the process except for the payment of fees


Can I get early payment discount?

Ans: Yes, with our Early Bird Offer, once a student applies and pays his/hers fees at the specific times given within which the early bird offer last.

What payment plan do you have?

Ans: As per our official payment plan, we do have fees split into these percentages: 10% registration fees, 60% tuition fees then the final 40% would be paid within periods that will be specified in the admission letters

What is the $700 for?

Ans: This is a 10% from your tuition which is used as a Registration fees

What does quadruple accreditation mean?

Ans: The Lancaster University, UK’s suite of EMBA programmes are quadruple accredited by the premier global accreditation bodies (i.e. AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA and Small Business Charter). Quadruple accreditation establishes that these independent bodies have established that Lancaster University Management School and their MBA is of the highest international standard. The modules for the EMBA in Ghana are delivered by the same faculty that delivers it at the UK campus, meaning students studying at the LUG campus get the same educational content as their UK counterparts, for a fraction of the cost. 

Are there any scholarships available?

Ans: Yes. We have different types of scholarships available – which are stated below:

·         Academic excellent

·         Sports

·         Financial aid

Other forms of these scholarships can be found below:

·         High School Discount

·         Open Day Offer

·         Business Cup Challenge Competition

·         Sibling Discount

·         Early Bird Discount


How far is accommodation from the campus?

Ans: About 10minutes from campus

Agents Question

Can I recruit for Lancaster University UK?

Ans: Speak to the admissions and recruitment manager

Immigration Issues

Do ECOWAS students need residence permit to study in Ghana?

Ans: Yes. ECOWAS students are required to get a residence permit

How much does it cost?

Ans: $ 200.00 should be enough to cover the cost. Note that the rate changes annually

o   Estimate $50.00 for the resident permit

o   Estimate $150.00 for the Non-Citizenship ID card which is a requirement for procuring the resident permit amongst other things

How long do I wait to get the permit?

Ans: The residence permit takes 8 weeks to process
Do I have to renew the permit every year or it is for my period of stay?

Ans: It is renewed annually

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that will guide you through applying with us.  If you still have more questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].