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Environmental Club

LUG Environmental Club was founded due to the environmental crisis we have unfortunately founded ourselves in. We are passionate about preserving the environment and protecting our planet. We despise pollution, deforestation, and toxic waste.

Club Executives – Erioluwa Olulana, Gwendoline Domayele, Hilary Addo, Eniola Rotimi
Bringing awareness to these problems, finding and implementing solutions, that is our end goal. We are actively taking steps to reach our milestones, one of which is introducing recycling bins to the LUG campus for the very first time. In partnership with recycling plants, the recycled materials will be put to good use. Afforestation of our new campus is also on our agenda. In addition, an awareness-oriented event will take place, focusing on nature and how it is essential we protect it.

Join us to be part of a movement to restore our planet by taking action!