Recirculate organizes entrepreneurship workshop for heads and cousellors of senior high schools in Ghana

Recirculate in partnership with Lancaster University Ghana organized an entrepreneurship workshop for heads and counsellors of various senior high schools in Ghana to train them on entrepreneurial skills and activities they need as heads and counsellors of institutions to alleviate the challenges associated with government subventing senior high schools.

The need for this workshop emerged from the challenges faced by the all-inclusive educational policy by the government to absorb all fees for senior high school education and increase access to education in Ghana by removing any financial obstructions.

The workshop took place on Thursday, 23rd March, 2022 at Lancaster University Ghana campus and brought together 18 counsellors from various senior high schools across the Greater Accra, Eastern, and Ashanti regions of Ghana.

The workshop served as a platform to co-design entrepreneurial activities that will provide skills for counsellors and heads of senior high school institutions to augment their over dependence on government subvention.

Following positive feedback from the counsellors, they were appreciative of the workshop and were inspired to take practical steps and be more entrepreneurial in their thinking to make a positive difference in their careers and lives.