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Home Study at Lancaster External Resources

External Resources

At Lancaster University Ghana, we aim to support our students to become independent thinkers and researchers through coursework and other academic activity, including finding information through credible sources. The following websites are a non-exhaustive list of external resources that would help to build the language and learning skills you require to succeed at university.

•   Using English for Academic Purposes 
•   News Review (BBC Learning English) 
•   LingoHack (BBC Learning English) 
•   The Grammar Gameshow (BBC Learning English) 
•   Six-minute English (BBC Learning English) 
•   The world's best stories retold (BBC Learning English) 
•   English in a minute (BBC Learning English) 
•   Shakespeare Speaks (BBC Learning English) 
•   Drama:'English at University' (BBC Learning English) 
•   BBC Learning English main website 
•   British Council Learn English
•   British Council Ghana
•   Lancaster University student learning skills blog