Lancaster Culture and Values

Our core values are the constant practices we use everyday, and are designed to capture our shared beliefs, guide individual practices and decisions, and govern personal relations.

Lancaster University Ghana’s vision is to be a leader in higher education that provides research-driven curriculum in a dynamic environment pushing innovation and the debates of today and the future.

Students, faculty and staff all form part of a diverse, collaborative community.

Learning and teaching focuses on research, innovation, social and environmental consciousness, and the importance of group-oriented thinking. We aspire to be progressive in combining theoretical with case-based study and practical applications, driving our faculty, staff and students to be adaptive to changing local and global scenarios.

Investing in and establishing a foundation in research, akin to that of our home campus in the UK, is a core part of our identity, as we strive to:

  • produce well-regarded research in the African and global context
  • collaborate with researchers around the world
  • instill a research-intensive environment on campus with world-class facilities
  • maintain high ethical standards

Our success relies on our people, as we maintain our ability to:

  • attract the best staff and faculty
  • support our staff and promote their vigor for independent academic enquiry and freedom of thought
  • celebrate diversity, equality and the well being of all staff

In regards to student support, LUG aims to:

  • offer accessible academic, welfare and career planning support to all students
  • adopt a student-centric approach in managing communication with faculty and career advisers to provide impactful and timely support to students on personal matters outside the classroom