Lancaster University Ghana Scholarships

Our priority is to support every student to make the most of their life and education. We have a large range of scholarships available for our prospective students and anyone can apply. We encourage all students to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Below is a list of scholarships we offer all applicants. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

1. Academic Merit Scholarship – Applicants must have obtained 4 A’s and 1B or better in 5 subjects in WAEC or a minimum of 4A’s in IGCSE and 2A’s in A Levels for direct entry.

2. Financial Aid Scholarship – Applicants should be able to demonstrate limited family income and or insufficient funds to cover most or all educational related expenses. Students applying for this category must have obtained 2A’s and 1 B or better in 5 subjects.

3. Sibling Scholarship – We offer Siblings Scholarships/Bursaries for siblings studying concurrently.  This is an automatic 10% reduction in tuition fee when a sibling of a direct family member (Brother or Sister) studying with us joins the Lancaster University Ghana Family as a student.

4. Direct Scholarship – We work closely with most high schools across the country.  As part of the collaborative effort between the high schools, we support students from these high schools with scholarships to study at our institution. The scholarships ranges from 10% to 15% off their tuition fees.  Contact us directly to see if your school is eligible or if you would want your school to be part of this exciting offer.

5. Innovation & Creativity Scholarship – Applicants must submit an essay detailing how they have demonstrated innovation or creativity in their high school OR share an idea of what they plan to do to demonstrate innovation and creativity during their time at LUG.

6. Stewardship/ Community Service Scholarship – Applicants must submit essay detailing how they have demonstrated stewardship or community service in their high school or community, or share an idea of what they plan to do to demonstrate stewardship or community service during their time at LUG.

7. Change Scholarship – Applicants must write an essay describing how they intend to make a positive impact on the community/world with their Lancaster degree after graduation.

8. Marketing Scholarship – Only students applying to study Marketing can apply. Applicants must submit a 100 word essay on why they want to study Marketing.


Applicants must submit a completed Scholarship Application Form along with all financial aid supporting documents (For Financial Aid Applicants), and other documents requested for. You can contact us for scholarships:

a) If you believe you are eligible for a scholarship based on academic merit (attach your official results to your application form). Ensure that you scored 2 ‘A’ grades and at least a ‘B’ (or its equivalent in other streams).

b) If you have financial needs.  Scholarships based on need are allocated on a case-by-case basis. The university endeavours to consider a variety of factors, including household income and other extenuating circumstances.

Financial and supporting documents

Any of the documents listed below, which are able to serve as sufficient proof of financial need, can be provided

  • Pay slip/Payroll records of Parents or Guardians
  • Recent school receipts of siblings or Parents’/Guardians’ Dependents
  • Death Certificates of Parents
  • Bank statements of Parents/ Guardians
  • SSNIT contribution of Parents/Guardians

Other Documents for all categories

  • High School/ Secondary School Exam Certificates Transcripts
  • Transcripts
  • A 500-word essay outlining your academic and career goals. Your essay should also include how your studies will contribute to your professional goals. Candidates should also include reasons why they feel they should be considered for this scholarship.

Note: Applicants may be asked for additional information if information provided is unclear.

Next Steps

  • Interview of shortlisted applicants.
  • If a candidate’s application is successful, they will receive notification of their award.

Contact our team for more information on your eligibility for a scholarship.

To download scholarship form, click here