Marketing BSc Hons

From advertising to branding, marketing stimulation to digital marketing, our dynamic coursework curriculum not only fosters critical thinking, self-reflection and self-development but also enables students to leverage real-world opportunities that help prepare them for dynamic and meaningful careers.

About the Programme

Marketing touches all facets of contemporary living — whether it’s growing market share, developing brand loyalty, crafting strategies or internal marketing in organisations. Most institutions across the world, regardless of their profit orientation, motives or general purpose, consider marketing as a highly immutable component of their business organisation.

What is a Bachelor’s in Marketing?

A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is usually the minimum education requirement for most Marketing roles. This degree provides the skills in different areas of marketing and management such as Consumer Behaviour, Advertising, and Marketing Research among others that adequately prepare you to thrive in your chosen career. 

Overview of our BSc (Hons) Marketing Programme

The Marketing Department at Lancaster University Ghana is tailored to help students achieve an excellent grasp for the rapidly evolving discipline of marketing. Our faculty has a rich balance of academic distinction and industry experience in various sectors including telecommunications, aviation and hospitality.

If you are looking for an undergraduate marketing course in Ghana, our Bachelors in Marketing will definitely meet your requirements. During the three years of this Marketing degree, you will experience a broad range of learning opportunities, with a strong emphasis on collaborative working, that support your personal development as well as your academic skills. There are also great opportunities for students looking to spend their second year in the UK at the main Lancaster campus, allowing students to not only enrich their cultural experiences but also widen their global network.

Whether students are considering careers in Strategy, Marketing Research, Advertising, Public Relations, Media, Promotions, Sales Management, among others, our Marketing & Management programmes allow for a high level of customisation, adapting curriculum and fieldwork to suit and complement individual interests and goals.

As a Marketing student, you will enjoy an automatic affiliation with the Business Society – a student-led initiative.  This club aims to drive engagement between students, staff, faculty and industry. The Business Society offers enormous benefits to students in terms of the impact it will have on their social lives.  Students will get the chance to meet people with shared interests, widening their social network beyond coursework.  It offers benefits in terms of your employability – as it shows how students are motivated to contribute to the student community and excel outside the classroom. The Society also offers students useable knowledge – with many opportunities to learn about topics such as health and safety, entrepreneurship, marketing, emerging business trends, and relationship management.

The media club is another initiative open to students that promotes the creative use of technology. Cameras and digital media fuel the club’s goal to report on up-to-date events ongoing within and related to the school. Members work within the fields of writing, photography, videography, graphic design, interviewing etc.

In-depth knowledge:

A marketing degree equips individuals with a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles, strategies, and tactics. This knowledge could be applied to various industries and roles, making marketing graduates versatile and valuable assets in the job market.

Strategic Thinking:

Marketing involves analysing market trends, consumer behaviour, and competition to develop effective strategies. The degree helps individuals develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling them to think strategically and make informed decisions in the workplace.

Communication Skills

Marketing professionals effectively communicate messages to target audiences through various channels. A marketing degree helps individuals develop strong written and verbal communication skills, enabling them to create compelling marketing materials and effectively convey ideas to clients, colleagues, and customers.

Data analysis

Marketing is increasingly data-driven, and a marketing degree equips individuals with the skills to analyse and interpret data. This ability to make data-driven decisions can help marketers optimize campaigns, measure performance, and identify opportunities for improvement. This skill is attained when they enrol in marketing research.


Marketing requires creativity to develop innovative campaigns and strategies that capture the attention of consumers. A marketing degree helps individuals nurture their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, enabling them to develop unique and impactful marketing initiatives.

Career options

A marketing degree opens up a wide range of career options in various industries, including advertising, public relations, market research, brand management, digital marketing, and sales. This versatility allows individuals to explore different career paths and find roles that align with their interests and skills. Overall, a marketing degree provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities necessary to succeed in the dynamic and competitive field of marketing.

Duration of the programme

Our Undergraduate and Foundation academic years consist of 3 trimesters, and our BSc Hons Marketing is typically a 3 year programme.

Our BSC Marketing Course Structure

Year 1Year 2Year 3
Marketing Learning Community 1Marketing Learning Community 2Marketing Learning Community 3
Introduction to MarketingMarketing SimulationMarketing of Services
Statistics and Computing for ManagementMarketing ResearchStrategic Marketing
Principles of EconomicsConsumer BehaviourBusiness-to-Business Marketing
Introduction to Management Science / Operational TheoryRoutes to MarketBranding
Introduction to ManagementMarket StimulationGlobal Marketing Management


  • Coursework and Exam
  • Form of assessment – essay, report, presentation, research projects, etc
  • Exam periods: May and August

Career opportunities After Bachelor’s in Marketing

There are various career opportunities after a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Employability is one of the key objectives of this course and the modules prepare students with the necessary skills needed in in their respective industries. Whether you are interested in a career in Strategy, Marketing Research, Public Relations, Media, Advertising & Promotions, Sales Management among others, our degree programme allows for a high level of customisation, adapting curriculum and fieldwork to suit and complement your interests and goals. From advertising to branding, marketing stimulation to digital marketing, our dynamic coursework curriculum not only fosters critical thinking, self-reflection and self-development but also enables students to leverage real world opportunities that help them prepare for dynamic and meaningful careers. It also prepares students who aspire to continuing this subject as a professional course.

Cost of studying Bachelor’s in Marketing

Tuition fees for our undergraduate programmes are $9,000 per annum. Our priority is to support every student to make the most of their life and education, and we have a large range of available scholarships and anyone can apply. For more information on our scholarships click here.

Students who want to pay in Ghana Cedis should contact the Finance Department for the prevailing exchange rate. Currently, our exchange rate is $1 = Ghs10.00 in line with forex market indicators in Ghana.

Fees and Funding

For full details of the fees for this programme, and the University’s financial support packages including eligibility criteria, please click here.

Grade Requirements

  • ‘A’ Levels – Pass in 3 ‘A’ Level subjects at grade CCC or 96 tariff points plus grade C or 4 in five GCE/IGCSE or Grade 6 in GCE ‘O’ Level subjects including English and Mathematics.
  • Full Diploma Certificate is ABCE. Also applicant must have had credit passes in five (5) subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies in the General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE) or Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE)
  • Higher National Diplomas (HND) from a recognised Polytechnic in Ghana with a Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 3.0 or better in any field, are eligible to apply to this UG programme. In addition, such applicants MUST have WASSCE Grade C6 in the best 6 subjects, to include three core subjects and three electives (core subjects must include English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies) OR Grade C or 4 in five GCE/IGCSE or Grade 6 in GCE ‘O’ Level subjects including English and Mathematics.
  • International Baccalaureate – Overall mark of 27 points in total average score with 16 points from the best three HL subjects with English and Mathematics and Higher Level Grade 5 or Standard Level Grade 6.
  • French Baccalaureate – Overall mark of 10 as a total average score with a minimum of 11 in the English Language and 11 in Mathematics.
  • Option International Baccalaureate (OIB) – overall marks of 9.5 in the total average score with a minimum 10.5 in English Language and 10.5 in Mathematics.
  • USA High School Graduation Diploma – 2.8 GPA plus grades 3,3 and 3 in AP (Group A subjects).
  • Canada Secondary School Diploma – Ontario: 60% average in six Grade 12 U or M level courses
  • First degree from any recognised university.